Liz Asks: Do you know how to buy a tool?

Summary:  In this article, I hope I can convince you to gather requirements before you buy anything that is more than a simple retail product. I give you strategies to make the exercise easier, watch out for, and who you can trust. I’ve been a customer and I’ve been a vendor. I’ll share what I’ve learned with you because I want you to be wise, savvy, and powerful purchasers. I want you to know how to serve yourselves and your companies well, today and in the future.

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What is the best for DITA authoring and publishing tool?

I see this question posted all the time – in newsgroups, in blog comments, in LinkedIn groups. Posting this kind of question will get you one of three classes of answer. And every time, the answers posted are wrong.

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Liz asks: Do you have a Coach?

When I first started Single-Sourcing Solutions in 2005, I didn’t know anything. I thought I did, of course. When I look back from where I am today, I can honestly say I didn’t.

I was lucky, though. I got connected to a group of local entrepreneurs who would get together monthly to solve problems together. Each of us had our own business. Each of us were solving the same problems in different order. The group was led by an experienced Silicon Valley advisor who specialized in working with early stage startups. People who were at the top of their technical game and needed to learn things like how to fill a sales pipeline or how to find a good match in a co-founder. The critical skills necessary to launch, build, and sustain a new business.

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