Auto-Generate Content For Documentation

Documentation for technical manuals can be generated directly from the product source code or other engineering systems. Technical requirements and product specifications can be found in source control repositories in varying formats. Product-specific information may exist in operations databases, price lists or manufacturing database systems.

  • Unlock Isolated Business Systems
  • Auto-Generate Content
  • Simultaneously Generate Content

Writers in Marketing, Technical Publications and Technical Support Groups all independently generate all of the the same content from all of the same business systems across the organization.

Without a single-sourcing environment, all these groups generate the this content repeatedly as the details change and the information, locked in the various business systems, gets updated over time. You need to understand, from an organizational perspective, what it takes to make single-sourcing work.

Application-specific XML tools can unlock the isolated business systems and compile information to auto-generate content simultaneously for:

  • Technical Reference Manuals
  • Time-Sensitive Release Notes
  • API-Specific Implementation Information

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