Auto-Generate Content From Documentation

Documentation is the foundation for a product collateral and for support reference material. Information about specific technical requirements and product specifications is duplicated in technical manuals, marketing collateral and support knowledge bases.

Keeping information current and in sync in all of these places is an enormous task when all these systems are isolated, separate systems. Customers get better, more accurate, and more consistent information when the information creation and publication is tightly woven together in a single-sourcing system.

  • Improved Customer Relationships
  • Improved Data Integrity
  • Consistent, Accurate Information across the business

Application-specific XML tools development can improve accuracy and information integrity for customers. By developing tools to integrated independent business systems into a larger single-sourcing environment, you see an immediate improvement in data integrity. And customers see an immediate improvement in their relationship with your company.

These are just some of the many ways that other organizations with your company can benefit from content generated from Technical Documentation are:

  • Online help required in the Product Source Code
  • Technical Support Knowlege Base Articles
  • Marketing Whitepapers and Data Sheets
  • Customer and Partner Portal Content

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