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Opportunities for application-specific XML integration exist everywhere in the product-production life-cycle.

Technical Publications organizations have been pursuing single-source solutions primarily to solve issues of quality and production of multiple-output formats. As these organizations mature, many look at ways to automate document creation as well. The tools and applications that we provide are true cross-industry applications.

And, if single-sourcing for reuse and automatic documentation production is the first step, then the integrating content with other business organizations is only the second.

The third step is to look at the entire product development process to identify opportunities for automatic content creation because mechanically-produced schema languages can be converted automatically into documentation and documentation templates.

This means that opportunities for practical XML development and deployment include:

  • Full-Gamut Single Sourcing: Code, Definition, Help, Documentation
  • Revision Management: Where Source Development Meets Documentation
  • Application-specific XML tools development

Many applications have XML interfaces. For products that take advantage of XML as part of their implementation, creating tools that can automatically generate documentation is an obvious target for integration into a single-sourcing solution. For products that don’t, tools can be created that transform native programming languages into XML, as needed for documentation purposes.

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