Update: since this article was written, we have become an Arbortext partner.

Single sourcing is a simple idea that requires a very complex implementation. Single sourcing is a methodology, not a technology. XML is a technology, not a methodology. Bringing the two together is not obvious or well-defined. No one system that works for every customer. No one book describes how to put it all together. Although we do this all day, every day, on this page, you will find places that will help you figure out where to start.

One of our goals is to help customers make the choices that will allow them to implement a system that scales. Necessarily, for any concrete project we must choose a set of tools and we must decide how to implement particular components.

At Single-Sourcing Solutions, we remain vendor-neutral and platform-agnostic. Most importantly, we avoid unnecessary customization, so that our customers can take advantage of new products and new technology down the road.

The Single-sourcing triangle includes the Information Management folks (theory), the Programming folks (technology), and the Vendors (products).

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