Updated!: Read more about Arbortext business unit and the leadership heading it up.

We just launched our new website.  It’s got a whole new redesign. It’s been a while coming, but we’re glad to have this done especially with the launch of the new Arbortext business unit last month. More information on that coming soon..

In the meantime, we’re excited to have the new site. We’re focused on Arbortext software more than ever and we’re continuing our dedication to the community and to growing the resources available to our customers so they get the right help at the right time in the right way to best serves their budgets and their needs.

We’ve got several new and interesting pages that are permanent new additions:

  1. Single-Sourcing Solutions community efforts page:  I knew we gave information away like candy. I’m still amazed by how much we actually do. This page lists the things that we at Single-Sourcing Solutions do for the community because it is simply part of what we do every day. http://join.single-sourcing.com
  2. Resources from the entire Arbortext community: There are lots of resources out there from all kinds of sources. This page has a list of those resources. http://social.single-sourcing.coml
  3. What New with Arbortext page:  We’re keeping a page that talks about what’s new with the latest release of Arbortext products that’s a handy reference page for anyone considering upgrading to the current release  http://arbortext.single-sourcing.com
  4. Our meta-partnership network.  Single-Sourcing Solutions, Inc. believes strongly in creating healthy alliances with other partners so that we can leverage with each other in creating the best solution for our customers. http://partners.single-sourcing.com (Read about how our Meta-Partnerships create the best solution for our customers.)

We’ve got all the standard pages — about us, products, solutions, etc – but these four are my favorites. They really demonstrate who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

As we post news and new pages, we’ll be making announcements to our Twitter stream: You should follow us on Twitter here.

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