This is the third post in a 4-post series reporting on an interview I did with Greg Johnson from Medtronic. Over the years, Medtronic has increased their investment in their dynamic information delivery system. They have continued to develop it and they have seen their ROI returned again and again.

The Time to Market Driver

Cycle time is critical unless you want to miss market ship dates.

Greg told me a story about a time when there was $300 M in new product on shipping doc waiting on the FDA approval of the documentation. They took a chance and preprinted the documentation — at risk — and they were standing by, ready to stuff the boxes and move the product across the line, so they could take the inventory in the quarter. Everything was waiting on the call from FDA.

He tells me that docs are always the last thing approved and that The FDA can require any change — the moving of a comma, for example — before giving the approval required to ship. Documentation can make or break a quarter.

When you add translation to the mix, it’s not uncommon for a translation center to tell you that they need the content before the specs are written in order to make the target market release dates they’ve been given.  These are frantic publishing schedules with $100s of millions of dollars at stake.

At Medtronic, because they’ve validated the content and can trace every change ever made, they’ve achieved 90% content reuse. They can assemble existing content — in english and other languages — reducing the risk factor to new content and changed content. They’ve drastically reduced cycle time in order to pull document release time in closer to product release time in their home market and in the international ones.

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