APP 9.1 M160 Released

Details of Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher 9.1 M160 release.

The M160 release of APP 9.1 is now available for download from the support site.

The release notes say this:

  • Fixed internal memory corruption and possible pointer error when using a nested table prescan (SPR 1901310)
  • Fixed internal memory corruption and possible pointer error when using <?tbwref> within a nested table (SPR 1901310)
  • Fixed issue where either <?tpfitbr> or autoleading caused the last line of a para to overflow and then widows and orphans were being ignored. (SPR 1865826)
  • Fixed output of rule information causing errors when reloading.(SPR 1954941)
  • Fixed handling of <?tbwmode=2> tables splitting horizontally and then overflowing when nested.(SPR 1954968)
  • Fixed incorrect vertical justification of a stream caused by the presence of alignment in a different stream on the page. (SPR 1857460)
  • Fixed issue so accolades correctly ignore the value of <?tpxbrk>. (SPR 1907764)
  • Fixed crash in colour dialogue when colour name is longer than 40 characters. (SPR 1913425)
  • Fixed pointer error when using a footer within a table that is nested within a table that also contains a footer. (SPR 1936268)
  • Fixed cursor positioning in very wide edit bar. (SPR 1917906)
  • Fixed problems saving OpenType fonts to a bundle. (SPR 1919464)
  • Fixed problem with <?bk> on end of word at end of line. (SPR 1907456)
  • Fixed problem with multiple ligature table changes in a word at end of line. (SPR 1954907)

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Author: Liz Fraley

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