The single-sourcing triangle is the foundation to make single-sourcing projects succeed. All three sides of the must work together to create a solid foundation for your project:

  • The Single-Sourcing TriangleSide #1 – The Theory Side:
    The Information Management Consulting Companies
  • Side #2 – The Technology Side:
    Programming Nuts and Bolts
  • Side #3 – The Product Side:
    Vendors and Application-Specific Specialists

Successful single sourcing requires competence and execution on all three sides of the single-sourcing triangle.

First, the information itself (the content) must have real structure. Information management consulting companies can help your various writing groups organize their content and think about it in new ways that promote single-sourcing activities.

Second, you need software engineers and IT folks to make sure that both the hardware and software infrastructures support single-sourcing activities.

In addition, these folks must work closely with the vendors (Side #3) chosen through rigorous requirements matching, to make sure that all the different systems play well together. Over-engineering your triangle (excessive customization) will produce systems that prevent you from extending your single-sourcing system to interact with other business entities, essentially stifling any future process innovation.

Understanding the triangle is essential, but you cannot stop there. The triangle exists in time and space: it lives, breathes, and survives in the context of your business. The triangle is the foundation. When you understand how each side the triangle fits the goals and needs of your business, you’ve guaranteed your success.

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