Recently we interviewed Simon Taylor, Product Manager for APP and Styler at PTC. Simon told us that he spends his time “thinking about printing content on pages”. In the interview, he talks about real-life requirements for advanced layout and why customers are forced to go to a product like APP from formatting languages like FOSI or XSL-FO.

Here are a few excerpts from the podcast:

“Sometimes style needs to behave differently depending on whether content appears on a left or a right hand page.”

“APP can spill text around a graphic using it’s ‘clipping path’, especially useful in product catalogs.”

“You can flow multiple content streams at the same time and have them interact with each other.”

“People come to APP to leverage it’s robust language formating capabilities.”  Japanese, Arabic, Thai, Hebrew, Chinese, Korean, etc. (See the full list of Arbortext-supported languages). “There are different rules about how you break lines, do character spacing based on how you’ve justified the text, punctuation rules…If you want to do good Japanese typesetting, then things like Ruby, Warichu, Yakumono, Kinsoku Shori are required, and APP has handled all of that for a long time.”

And a whole lot more…

“With APP, you get the tools to create the layouts that you want. You don’t have to cut down your requirements for what you want to achieve, you just have to spend a little bit of extra effort achieving it. APP can do everything that any layout program on the market today can do, plus everything else we’ve talked about and the ability to automate all of it.”

Simon and I just scratched the surface of what APP can do.

Listen to the podcast:

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