Windchill and ProductView 9.1 M050  are now available for download.  This release includes ProductView Standard & Collective Document Support 9.0 M100.

Please note that this release includes both a Service Pack and many replacement CDs/DVDs.  For details on the maintenance release, see the PTC web site.

Windchill and ProductView 9.1 M050 include the following platform support and compatibility updates:

  • General platform support updates:
    • Windchill support on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL 5.0) servers
    • Windchill support on HP-UX 11iV3 servers
    • Support for Arbortext 5.3 and 5.4
    • Support for InterComm Expert 5.3 M050
    • Support for InterComm Conduit 2.1 M040
    • Support for Windchill Desktop Integration on 64bit Windows OS
    • Support for SQL Server database for Windchill on Red Hat Linux 5.x and AIX 6.1
    • Oracle Software Assistant Update – includes support for Oracle 11g October 2009 Oracle Critical Patch Update
  • Windchill and ProductView CAD platform support updates:
    • Support for SolidWorks 2010
    • Support for NX7
    • Support for CoCreate Drafting 17
  • ProductView MCAD Client updates:
    • Export to STEP and VRML formats supported in ProductView Professional
    • Export Drawing as DXF files supported in ProductView Professional
    • Product Structure supported in ProductView Lite and ProductView Express
    • Measurements supported in ProductView Express
    • Print Multiple Items command supports PDF files in ProductView Professional
    • Support for AutoCAD 2010
  • ProductView Adapters updates:
    • Generation of PDF files supported as viewables for SolidWorks and UG NX
  • Workgroup Manager for ECAD, InterComm Expert, and InterComm Conduit support for:
    • Cadence Allegro SPB 16.3
    • Mentor EE2007.7
    • DxDesigner 2007.7
    • Altium Designer – Summer 2009 and Winter 2009
    • PADS 9.0
    • OrCAD 15.5 and 16.2
  • Workgroup Manager for CATIA V5 improvements:
    • Enhanced logging capabilities.
    • Ability to update CGR files without checkout of the parent assembly.
    • Automatic update of links after a save as or rename action is performed on Catia V5 data in Windchill.
    • Ability to perform save as and rename actions on family tables in workspace.
    • Support for CATProcess and CATAnalysis file types.
    • Ability to automatically download CATALOG updates and members to a Windchill workspace.
  • New Windchill Gateway for Cadence Allegro Design Workbench (ADW).
  • New functionality for encrypting passwords in Windchill.
  • Ability to register multiple versions of the same CAD application within the Workgroup Manager client.
  • Introduced a new preference allowing a customer to configure whether to exclusively use the 9.1 calculated approach for ‘linking’ 3D model’s drawings to its WTPart, or revert back to the pre-9.1 approach where an explicit Content link between drawing and WTPart is created during auto-associate.
  • Windchill Vizualization Support for InSight logical attributes.

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