The M190 release of Arbortext 5.3 is now available for download from the support site. If you want to know all the details about this release, please check out the release notes on

The release notes have this to say:

  • 1967627 — Floats scoped to a table no longer appear beyond scope when the table breaks within a row.
  • 1976865 — Arbortext Editor no longer fails to set table column names when the table contains a completely spanned row.
  • 1980156 — The Arbortext Adapter to Documentum/WDK is now compatible with Internet Explorer 8. (Arbortext Editor support for Internet Explorer 8 does not extend beyond the Arbortext Adapter to Documentum/WDK.)
  • 1982017 — Addressed an issue causing a specific italic font to not appear italic in PDF output.
  • 1988168 — Publishing processes involving the composition pipeline are now responsive to the settings of the allowcharactersubstitution .dcf file option and the composedcharactersubstitution set option and Advanced Preference.
  • 1983265 — Rotated content is now handled correctly in PDF documents composed with the usedistiller set option set to off and crop marks turned on.
  • 1991771 — Saving an SGML document as XML now adds the needed namespace declaration for change tracking if the document contains any markup used by change tracking.

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