Arbortext for Aerospace and Defense (S1000D/S2000M) 4.3 M050 has been released. For more information, see the release notes (login required) on the support site.

New Features:

  • Localization of Authoring Tool Interface in English, French, Spanish, German, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.
  • Support for ASD S1000D Technical Information Repository (TIR) Referencing and Output
  • Business rules check ICY code for valid entries when validating figures.

SPR fixes include:

Authoring Interface

  • 1980628 – IETP Preview now generates the thumbnail view of the image for IPD data modules.
  • 1984397 – PDF Preview now correctly displays CGM graphics.


  • 1968322 – Issued data modules are now correctly imported with a status of ISSUED rather than QA REQUIRED.
  • 1970535 – When opening an ASD S1000D Issue 4 data module the Insert->Symbol->Character Entities option now displays the full list of available character entities.
  • 1972494 – The values of caveat and commercialClassification attributes for the security element are now preserved correctly in ASD S1000D Issue 4 data modules.
  • 1974444 – The content of ASD S1000D Issue 4 data modules is no longer corrupted when re-using CMS fragments from the CMS library.
  • 1977715 – Authorities Tab topic in the Arbortext CSDB for S1000D User’s Guide updated to add Originator Authority Control description.
  • 1978052 – In-line applicability is now applied correctly.
  • 1984740 – The Arbortext Process Data Module Editor now correctly saves edited process data modules.
  • 1985441 – The CMS LIbrary Fragment ID tag is now saved correctly for ASD S1000D Issue 4 projects.
  • 1989331 – Figure titles in ASD S1000D Issue 4 data modules are no longer be overwritten with the value of the last figure title.
  • 1990001 – Special characters/spaces/case-sensitive characters are now allowed in the log-in password.
  • 1990353 – For ASD S1000D Issue 2-3 XML, sheet id’s are no longer duplicated in figure elements, when refreshing a data module.

IETP Viewer

  • 1786028 – IETP Change Package Import process works on Vista operating system that has User Account Control (UAC) activated.
  • 1967986 – Publication Module List tab is now enabled when an ASD S1000D Issue 4 publication contains a publication module.
  • 1977261 – When the user selects No in a fault data module, the Arbortext IETP Viewer no longer generates a javascript error.
  • 1978078 – CGM hotspot linking now works correctly.

IETP Viewer Print Services

  • 1878238 – If statements in Air Crew data modules no longer have duplicate if text.
  • 1962858 – Change markers are correctly displayed in PDF output for ASD S1000D Issue 4.

Provisioning Manager

  • 1985704 – 1t is now possible to update the DFL of a figure that was created and compiled with LSAR driven compilation.


  • 1926668 – In-line applicability is now applied correctly.
  • 1973187 – Extra white space removed from TOC nodes when adding, or editing, the node description.

Reviewer Fixes

  • 1984034 – Internal cross-references are now displayed correctly.
  • 1991360 – The data modules listed on the Data Review: Data Module Viewer dialog box are now ordered as follows:
    1. Alphabetical order for Data Module Code.
    2. Issue number.

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