There are lots of good product information, tips, and feature-focus sessions coming up through the end of the year. Here’s a short list of what’s coming up:

  • August 31: DITA Style in Arbortext. It’s Easy!
      Liz Fraley, from Single-Sourcing Solutions, is going to show some best practices of doing DITA stylesheets in Styler. Understanding fall-back processing, using read-only stylesheets, modular stylesheet development. All of these contribute to a successful DITA implementation and a productive environment.
  • September 23: ROI of XML
      Want to know why you implement an XML publishing system? Missed the user meeting on August 28th? Hear from some long time experts about why they did it and what it took to sell it to the executive suite. Panelists include: Greg Johnson/Medtronic, Todd Nowlan/Nortel, Charlotte Robidoux/HP, and Andy Pieper/Toro.
  • October 26: Under-the-hood Multimedia publishing
      Details coming soon. Jean Kaplansky from PTC will be showing what you can do with DMP. We’re output geeks and currently playing with things interesting technology like ePub, HTML5, CSS3… stay tuned!

Lots of stuff coming over the next few months. Sign up to guarantee your seat or at least guarantee you get a copy of the web session to view later!

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