The M070 release of APP Version 10 is available to download from the support site.

Release Notes Summary

The release notes have this to say:

  • Added <?tbspanframe> and <?blockspanframe> PIs.  Allows spanning to the frame, skipping ancestor blocks and overflow mode 3 tables.
  • Fixed fParagraph.decimalChars getter and removed extra double quotes from _app:Tables:entry_alignchar. (SPR 2001285)
  • Fixed problems accessing child layers on named layergroups in FOM (SPR 2003566)
  • Fixed issue with tag properties not being saved with linked tags (SPR 2004062)
  • Fixed issue with not breaking a link correctly (SPR 2009891)
  • Fixed problems with converting to fPage objects and fContent.gotoPage() (SPR 2009912).
  • Fixed handling of CDATA sections when using an XML Tree stream. (SPR 2006828).
  • Fixed error in XML Printer options dialog preventing XSLT stylesheets from being specified. (SPR 2009024)
  • Fixed copyfit /Q (quick) option when frame ends with a nested table. (SPR 2010675)
  • Added option to ensure default attributes specified in a DTD are added to the XML tree during parsing. (SPR 2010670)
  • Fixed the ^___# special variable; accessing it was corrupting the current format position. (SPR 2009719)
  • Fixed crash caused by calling ‘quit’ macro from within a Perl script. (SPR 1874836)
  • Fixed problem with context matching (and XSLT) failing when using a position predicate on an ancestor of an element. (SPR 2008679)
  • Enhanced copyfit /Q fix to work when frame ends with a complete nested table (not split). (SPR 2011076)

The FOM release notes for this release say this:

  • Renamed fBlock.avoid to fBlock.spanAvoid. The property is still available under the previous name which is now deprecated
  • Renamed fTable.avoid to fTable.spanAvoid. The property is still available under the previous name which is now deprecated
  • Added fTable.spanFrame and fBlock.spanFrame properties
  • Added fRuleLinePattern.EndPatterns constants
  • Added fTextRule.wordsOnly property
  • Added fApplication.environment property
  • Added fApplication.calculateHash() method
  • Added fFormatting.getCurrentIndent() method for relative indents

For more information..

Documentation supporting Arbortext is delivered in the Arbortext Editor Help Center. Documentation for this and all recent releases can also be downloaded from the Reference Documentation area of  the PTC web site at

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