One of the many advantages of storing content in XML is the ability to reuse it. The best way to ensure proper reuse is to store XML content in a component content management system like Arbortext Content Manager (aka Windchill).

This article will demonstrate how content can be reused when best practices in data architecture are followed. Arbortext Editor seamlessly integrates with Arbortext Content Manager:

  1. Arbortext Editor integrates with Arbortext Content Manager to allow the editor direct access into Arbortext Content Manager.
    1. Select Object>Connect from the menu
    2. This will bring up the login box to connect Arbortext editor to Arbortext Content Manager. Log in using your Arbortext Content Manager credentials:
    3. Then, you will be given the option to define the workspace you want in Arbortext Content Manager
  2. Now that you are in Editor, you’ll want to add content stored in Arbortext Content Manager to the XML document being edited.
    1. By clicking Object>Browse you are shown a window with a direct view into Arbortext Content Manager
    2. In this example, the chapter “Electrical Accessories” will be added to the document under Electrical
    3. This is done by placing the cursor in the location where you want the content to appear in Arbortext Editor, selecting the desired content in the Arbortext Content Manager Browser window, and clicking Insert.

Now, “Electrical Accessories” is a new chapter in the XML document, and Editor has renumbered the document automatically. When this content is updated, the changes will appear in this document.

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