Lavacon is always a great conference. It’s one of the few remaining conferences that isn’t run by a vendor. It always has a theme that guarantees lots of hot topic presentations and a great speaker line up.

This year, we’re talking about how to get buy-in when you’re trying to launch a project within your company. It’s always one of the biggest questions that people considering moving to a single-source environment have. There are two sides to this question: How do I get buy in from management? And how do I get buy in from my team?

Single-sourcing projects require new skill sets, new roles, and significant changes that forces productive and successful team members out of their comfort zones. It requires resources, dedication, and sponsorship from the enterprise as well.

Some things can be driven from the bottom up and some from the top, but regardless of where it starts, moving to a single-sourcing environment requires buy-in by all those whose process is affected directly or indirectly.

An entire body of literature is dedicated to change management. This presentation will share advice, guidance, and lessons learned from a variety of customers in a range of industries who have made this transition.

If you’re not coming to Lavacon — Don’t panic! We’ll be posting the slides to our slideshare channel and to the Member Forums. Members will have access to the talk’s transcript as well. If you’re not a member, and you don’t attend the presentation, then you’ll have to keep an eye out on the event announcement page for the slideshare link.

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