TC Camp is a vendor-neutral bay area event aimed at content designers, creators, publishers and the people who support them. There are morning workshops that cover specific tools like Adobe’s Technical Communications Suite, MadCap’s full publishing environment, or Aptara’s epub tools. There are also workshops aimed at specific documentation issues — content strategy, improving content through analytics methods, and improving content retrieval using library science concepts.

In the afternoon, there are open discussion sessions that are driven by the attendees. Anyone can suggest a topic for discussion: Is your team discussing XML? Are they looking at improving SME review cycles? Is localization on the horizon? Attendees can discuss topics that are staring us all in the face with other people who have conquered these issues.

We all have different levels of expertise as we face different issues and situations. At TC Camp we each extend our expertise to we can all learn from each other.

TC Camp is high-value, low-cost option for a training opportunity that provides access to industry experts like Scott Able, Sharon Burton, and Scott Prentice. It’s happening on a Saturday, so you’re not paying twice–first, you’re not paying for an employee who isn’t at work on a work-day, and you’re not paying the high cost of a typical conference.

What are the details?

When: Saturday, 26 January 2013
Where: Silicon Valley Cloud Center, 3200 Coronado Drive, Santa Clara, CA, 95054

All the content is guaranteed to be relevant to the attendees because, remember, they drive the discussion.

I hope to see your teams there. TC Camp will help your team grow in confidence because they’re learning from peers while contributing their expertise. They’ll be able to respond to your team’s growing needs and meet challenging new goals in the future.

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