At Single-Sourcing Solutions, our customers know we enjoy helping them invest in themselves and their future when they take on a new project and new technology.

Inspired by our customers, we created the TC Dojo Master Series to provide a unique learning environment. We all have questions: A lot of those questions have the same basis but different technical requirements. We’re all masters and we’re all learners because, after all, every Master was a learner in the beginning.

In the TC Dojo Master Series, we facilitate a single conversation among a small group of peers to discuss issues and challenges associated with technological challenges that affect documentation groups.

We’ve found that this dynamic forum encourages peer-to-peer critique and guidance on critical technical publications business issues. The group not only provides support for operational challenges but encourages to you focus on strategic planning and long-term issues.

In this exclusive, members-only series, attendees have the opportunity to present their issues, share referrals, and advise one another in a confidential, supportive environment once a month. Session groups are kept small to creating an environment of trust and confidentiality.

How much time, effort and money is it costing you to keep struggling to learn how to implement, architect, and transform your content and your team by yourself?  Join the TC Dojo Mastermind to gain the advisory board that will help you solve problems efficiently.

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