Due to popular request we have added an Arbortext specific TC Dojo each month. We wanted to keep the topics covered in the Open Session varied and not specific to any particular tool set.

However, we have a large enough interest in Arbortext tools that we decided to launch a second Dojo to focus on PTC’s Arbortext tool suite only. In here we will cover all of the pieces that go into the full solution suite from Editor, to Styler, to Publishing Engine and even Arbortext Content Manager.

Arbortext Master, TC Dojo

Arbortext Master, TC Dojo

Our first session has already been chosen!

Building your stylesheet: A look at Modules

In this first session we will show you how to build your foundation for your first ArbortextStyle Sheet using the Single-Sourcing Solutions method. This is how we create new projects for our customers and this is what we coach and mentor our customers on.

Watch the video

Recordings from the Arbortext Dojo are not available to the public for free. They are part of our Arbortext On Demand channel on Vimeo.

However, the video, slides, sample files, and show notes are available free to members and customers of Single-Sourcing Solutions as well as members of the Masterminds in the Membership Forums.

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