Video from Today’s TC Dojo Open Session — “Where Are They Now?” have been posted! It was fun to talk about what’s been done and what different organizations (regardless of industry) has achieved. It was also amazing to think of the oldest implementation we talked about got started 23 years ago! We know that there’s a software side to dynamic information delivery, but it was great to discover that you didn’t have to go out and build software to make it work. Equally impressive was the discovery that once you get it set up, you don’t really have to keep tweaking it to keep it up and running. I hope you enjoyed it.

If you missed it, the video has been posted to YouTube and slides to the event announcement site. The URLs mentioned during the webinar are below.

We had some technical difficulties during the webinar this morning, I’m sorry to report. It happens from time to time. Luckily we had the opportunity to restart and rerecord the session, but that doesn’t always happen. So our apologies to everyone who attended! Because it did, we expedited the video posting.

Watch the video and view the slides

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Here are URLs mentioned during the Webinar for easy access:

Interview with Greg Johnson – Medtronic’s Story

Series #1

  1. Benefits of dynamic information delivery for life sciences
  2. The Quality Driver
  3. The Time to Market Driver
  4. The Cost Savings Factor

Series #2

  1. Dynamic information delivery systems reduce translation costs
  2. The Benefit Content Reuse Brings to Business

Interview with Todd Nowlan, Nortel

Interview with Todd Nowlan, “Benefits of XML and single-sourcing”

ROI of XML with panelists Andy Pieper, Toro, Todd Nowlan, Nortel, & Greg Johnson, Medtronic & Charlotte Robidoux, HP

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