In the next TC Dojo: Arbortext Edition…

In this session, we’re going to talk about the Side-By-Side panel in Styler. We’ll talk about what it means, how best to use it, and how to make it work for you. We’ll show you how to make it look like you’ve got a graphic embedded in a paragraph, with text spilling around it, through the simple side-by-side mechanism. This is but one application of the side-by-side technology, but it’s a good one to get your feet wet with.

  • When: 27 February 2014
  • Audience: Intermediate
  • Cost: Free

Watch the recording

Videos from the Arbortext Dojo are not available to the public for free. They are part of our Arbortext On Demand channel on Vimeo.

The video, slides, sample files, and show notes are available free to members and customers of Single-Sourcing Solutions as well as members of the Masterminds in the Membership Forums.

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