This week’s podcast is an interview with Suzanne Napoleon. If you’ve been a part of the Arbortext community for any time at all, you know the name Suzanne Napoleon. Suzanne has been the voice of FOSI for at least 15 years on the adepters mailing list, at conferences, and has helped numerous individuals learn the intricacies of FOSI development — from beginner to expert. Her FOSI tutorials have been invaluable to many people in every industry.

It is my pleasure to talk to her about her experiences, her expertise, and her advice for all of us who want to get better at what we do every day. Whether we use FOSI on a daily basis or not, her advice applies to stylesheet development for us all. It’s not the technology, but the best practices in the application of skills required to achieve results in automated publishing environments that makes the difference. Plus, it’s a fair bet that if you’re trying to do something with a FOSI and having trouble, Suzanne can help.

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