We’re about to start republishing some podcasts, which we did a while back, here on the blog. We’ll be merging the podcast website into this blog site as well. This is just the latest step that started with us moving all the video content to our three YouTube channels. With the ever changing support for video and audio in the various browsers, it’s just become pretty difficult making sure that content is available to you–wherever you are and in whatever browser you want to use. (If you know us at all, you know that it’s all about you, not us.)

Anyway, coming up are approximately 20 interviews with long time XML and SGML professionals and people who have done interesting things with Arbortext or dynamic publishing. We hope you enjoy them. We all learn from each other and hopefully the podcasts help give you a feel for who’s out there trying different things and inspire you to new heights with your own dynamic publishing projects.

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