When we were getting ready for the CMS DITA/NA 2010, we reached out to long-time Arbortext customers to find out where they were now, what they did originally, and how they got from point A to point B. Just what did it take to make a successful single-sourcing implementation happen.

One of the customers willing to talk about their implementation was Todd Nowlan, “large Canadian telecom”. They’d started before DITA was really ready, and they’re still using the system today. The original project was to support enterprise content in a large, global company. What they did was amazing. We’ve heard Todd’s story several times, and are amazed each time. Something more comes out in what it takes to be successful at that level for that long.

On this podcast, we’re delighted to have Todd share what he knows with the user community so you, too, can be successful with your projects.  You might also enjoy Todd’s presentation to the Arbortext User Group from August 2010. We all learn from each other. Talk, present, or listen. Whatever you do, join the conversation.


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