Interview with Keith McGinnis, Review Publishing


About a year ago, I did some stylesheet work for Keith McGinnis at Review Publishing. Review Publishing produces a weekly free newspaper and online news media portal. They were on their way to supporting all five of their local weekly papers and becoming a major media source and were looking for assistance automating a subset of their data sharing between the print and online content sources. This simple stylesheet project gave me a glimpse into a truly innovative media company.

This week’s podcast is an interview with Keith McGinnis. Keith is spearheading the XML project development at Review Publishing.  It is my pleasure to talk to him about his experiences and all the innovative projects that they’ve been doing to revitalize and transform their company from a newspaper to true media company.  Keith’s is a story that inspires us all to continue to always try for more.


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Author: Liz Fraley

Liz Fraley has founded two companies, sits on the boards of three non-profits, and is constantly coming up with new ways to share knowledge in the technical communications and content industries.

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