Learn how to customize your workspace list, so that you can immediately see if any of your documents are out of date. Being able to quickly see which files are out of date will help to save you time and ensure that you’re always working on the updated versions.

1. Open your working copy and click on Product Name. In this example Niagra is the product.

Customize 1

2. Open the All drop down menu, and select Customize.

Customize 2

3. In the first row, All, click the two discs icon.

Organize Workspace Arbortext Editor- #3

4. Create a name and description, then click Step 4: Set Column Display.

Customize 4

5. In Available Columns, scroll down and select Out of Date. Click the right pointing arrow to add Out of Date to Selected Columns.

Customize 5

6. The Out of Date column will now apprear in the Selected Columns box. Move the Out of Date status to the top of the list by clicking the box to the right. It should be second from the top. Click Finish to save the list.

Customize 6

7.  Open the Pick a view drop down menu, and select the list you just created.

Customize 7

8. A clock icon will appear in the ‘Out of Date’ column for any documents that are out of date.

Customize 8

Now you can quickly find and update outdated files and prevent the possibility of working on files that have not been updated.

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