Learn how to quickly check objects out and then back in using Arbortext Editor. Also, learn how to save comments with the changes made, helping your team and yourself better track the progress of your project.

Let’s begin! First we’re going to check out an object that we already have open.

  1. Click Object and then select Check Out Object from the drop down menu.  Check In and Out#1
  2. The key symbol verifies that the object is checked out. Just to demonstrate changes made to an object, we’re deleting all the empty elements.
    Check In and Out#2
  3. Now that all the empty elements have been deleted, click Object and select Check In from the drop down menu. You can also track changes by leaving comments in the Check In Comments box and clicking OK to save. By leaving “Deleted empty elements” in the comments box, we’re helping  others and ourselves to keep track of the changes being made in a document.
  4. The object needs to be updated so that the changes are saved.  The empty objects are still there, therefore it has not been updated. 
  5. To update the object so that the changes save, Click File and then select Update Document from the drop down menu.
  6. The document has successfully been updated, the empty elements have been deleted. 

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