Do you keep seeing an error message after you’ve updated your workspace? Don’t worry we’re going to explain why this happens and what it means. Step-by-step photos demonstrate how error messages appear when you’re simply trying to update a file.

Below I’m going to show step by step how an error message while updating can occur. Following these steps does not fix the error message, it simply explains how and why this happens. Let’s figure it out!

  1. In your workspace check the box next to the file you’d like to update. Click update.

Customize 2

  1. A message may appear: “Failure-see below for message about system excluded objects.”

Out of Date 2

  1. Hover over the red explanation and you’ll see more detail about the message. It will say: “Error: Can not update the up-to-date object”Out of Date 3

Just remember not to panic. This is expected behavior; if you try to update something that is already up-to-date you will see this message. No further action is needed to correct this. I hope this has helped to clear up some any confusion.

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