In 1995 Arbortext started the adepters mailing list for users and staff to handle issues and questions about the (then named) Adept (Arbortext) editor. When PTC acquired Arbortext, that mailing list and all of its archives, migrated to the PTC/User community. In the next few days, PTC/User will be shutting down the community forums and moving the archives to PTC Communities.

For everyone who’s been a member of the long-running adepters mailing list, you want to make sure you join the PTC Communities as well as the LinkedIn and Facebook Groups.

This move is good. The tribal knowledge that’s been locked in an email list archive since 1995, will be in a publicly viewable, SEARCHABLE, location. It will also be a central location for PTC to coordinate with their customers.

The downside is that now you won’t get it delivered to your inbox. You’re going to have to go to the website. You also you won’t have the unfettered user-curated content anymore as it’s being moved to the PTC servers and being officially run by PTC.

What if you still want that user-group feeling? Well, there are several places you should know about! The Arbortext Users LinkedIN Group is nearly 1000 members strong! The members of the Facebook Group are fairly low-volume but dedicated. There’s a Meetup group too, that’s looking to gauge interest from volunteers in the community who want to get together face to face.

Links for all these resources are below. Be sure to migrate yourself to these sites. Adepters will be gone in a few days.

LinkedIn Group

Facebook Group

Arbortext User Group @ PTC Communties

Arbortext Group (where the archive went) @ PTC Communities


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