Checking Out and Checking In: Working on Objects in Arbortext

Learn how to quickly check objects out and then back in using Arbortext Editor. Also, learn how to save comments with the changes made, helping your team and yourself better track the progress of your project.

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How to Document your Stylesheets

You’re working on a big project or a book using DITA, but your boss asks you to change the style of the font at the last minute. This was something you had set months prior and you don’t remember how you did it or how to change it now. This is why we like to recommend documenting your stylesheets. Think of it as an investment in your future time. Don’t waste time trying to figure out how you did something as simple as put page numbers in, record it through screen shots.

Create a graph in powerpoint laying out how this document was set up. The red lines show a visual of how the  pages are set, starting at the left going to the right you have the page; sets, types, regions and generated contents.

Documenting Stylesheet 1

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Sudden Error Message while updating in ACM? Don’t Panic!

Do you keep seeing an error message after you’ve updated your workspace? Don’t worry we’re going to explain why this happens and what it means. Step-by-step photos demonstrate how error messages appear when you’re simply trying to update a file.

Below I’m going to show step by step how an error message while updating can occur. Following these steps does not fix the error message, it simply explains how and why this happens. Let’s figure it out!

  1. In your workspace check the box next to the file you’d like to update. Click update.

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