Do You Feel Lucky?

Last month at STC Summit, someone came by our booth and we got to talking about the TC Dojo. The TC Dojo is a webinar series we started 4 years ago. It works like this: First, we poll the community to find out what they want to learn. Then, we recruit experts to teach the topic, or an aspect of it, in a short webinar. We record the sessions and post the videos to YouTube. And we don’t charge for any of it.

This person asked me how we make money off it. I told her, “We don’t. This is part of our community service.” The puzzled look I got in response reminded me of an article in The Atlantic, “Why Luck Matters More Than You Might Think” that I had seen only one week earlier.

In the article, Robert Frank describes how generosity and public spirit is affected how much someone attributes luck to their own good fortune. It’s a phenomenon that social scientist researchers have been looking at, too:
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It’s a question of Style

One of our newer customers said something that really struck me: “This is what I have always wanted, someone to show me.”

We usually talk about Style in terms of content structure and layout, but this time I wanted to talk with you about our style. Specifically, our style of service.

I was recently on a mentoring team call with one of our newer customers and they said something that really struck me: “Boy, you guys [at Single-Sourcing Solutions] really are different than the others. This is great! This is what I have always wanted, someone to show me.”

For me, there could not have been a higher compliment! After over a decade in business, it’s only natural that I would take a nostalgic look back. When I first started Single-Sourcing Solutions, I knew one thing. I wanted to do things different. To buck the traditional consultancy and develop a service that focused on building a stronger community. Continue reading “It’s a question of Style”

The Adepters email list is ending – here’s where to go…

In 1995 Arbortext started the adepters mailing list for users and staff to handle issues and questions about the (then named) Adept (Arbortext) editor. When PTC acquired Arbortext, that mailing list and all of its archives, migrated to the PTC/User community. In the next few days, PTC/User will be shutting down the community forums and moving the archives to PTC Communities.

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