Podcast of Content Management Strategies Presentation

Thursday, 18 September 2008, I was at the Intermountain Chapter of the STC. I spoke about “Repurposing Content for Multichannel Publishing”, the presentation I gave at the Content Management Strategies conference earlier this year. Tom Johnson, one of the members, kindly taped and posted a podcast of the presentation. Accompanying slides can be found here.

My thanks to the Intermountain STC Chapter (now closed) for allowing me to come speak to them. Extra thanks to Tom for taping, editing, and preparing the podcast. We had a good discussion following the presentation. Everyone asked really strong questions and provided a lot of insight into what they were doing and the issues they were facing.

About Single-Sourcing Solutions

At Single-Sourcing Solutions, our focus is on customers who, for one reason or another, prefer to pursue an in-house or limited-resource-based implementation rather than a fast, large-team implementation. We focus on acting as mentors or as part-time resources to assist implementers while they’re getting started.

We help in-house teams learn to do it themselves by providing an on-call resource that can assist as necessary.

  • We teach people how to do document analysis, so they can do it themselves, one book at a time, as their staff has time to devote to the project.
  • We can act as a jump-start team, doing initial stylesheet development or tool implementation with the intention to hand it over to the in-company team as soon as they feel ready to take it over.

Our approach is to provide honest, direct advice — and just the right amount of assistance — to take new Arbortext customers from purchase to production.