Essential Travel Tech

hootooIf there is one piece of tech that every traveler needs, it’s the HooToo Wireless Travel Router

At about $40, the HooToo is without question the best travel tech I have. And after my experience at a conference held in Las Vegas, I’ve upgraded it from essential travel tech to traveler’s secret weapon.

This HooToo has an ethernet port, a USB port, a built-in USB drive, and a battery. It can power your devices on the fly.

How it works

You configure the HooToo at home, prior to travel, and configure all of your devices to connect to it when they encounter its network.

When you get to your destination, plug the HooToo into the hotel’s network using the ethernet cable in the room. Authorize the HooToo on the hotel’s network and all your devices have internet access through your HooToo device.

PLUS, only one device pays the network authorization fee.

It’s a total win

Plugging HooToo into the ethernet cable rather than the hotel wireless means that you can take advantage of the high-speed connection to your room: You’re wireless to the HooToo and then wired from there. Super speed at your fingertips.

At the conference, I discovered that if you connect to the hotel wireless (instead of the ethernet) and use the built-in battery to power the HooToo, your HooToo becomes a portable internet hotspot.

It’s not surprising that the conference hotel here in Las Vegas has the best wireless access I’ve ever seen. They know you’re going to use your mobile device and they don’t want you leave because you’re fighting to get a signal or connection.

When I connected the HooToo to the wireless network, I discovered that I could take it with me when I went down to the conference rooms. All of my devices continued to work.  And the HooToo router ran nearly all day off it’s battery. No re-authorization. No spotty connections. It was absolutely brilliant!

HooToo Wireless Travel Router is truly the Traveler’s secret weapon.

However, if you need another reason to get the HooToo, try this one…

get netflix on the tv in your hotel room

Configure a Chromecast to work with your HooToo. In your hotel room, plug the Chromecast into the hotel room TV’s HDMI port. Change the input source on the TV to the HDMI and Voila! You have Netflix on your hotel TV.


A Chromecast device can’t authorize itself on a hotel network. Most networks require a browser to authenticate and the Chromecast doesn’t have one. If you want to use it, you need the HooToo. Once the HooToo is authorized on the hotel network, the Chromecast or Firestick will automatically start working.

A Chromecast and a HooToo make an amazing partnership that is easy and inexpensive and has all kinds of side benefits for the traveler’s convenience.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can always use a FireStick instead of a Chromecast. It works exactly the same way.


Liz Asks: Are you coming to camp?

Are you coming to TC Summer Camp? (Have you been to TC Camp?)

TC Camp, the non-profit we launched last year is expanding! The board at TC Camp is taking it to the East Coast next month: It’s TC Summer Camp!

TC Summer Camp is an unconference – the only one focused on content creators and the people who support them. It’s been going for four years in Silicon Valley, and now they’re coming East. If you’ve never been, it’s an amazingly intense and stimulating event. Get together with your peers and wrap your arms around the topics you care most about. You’re guaranteed to be interested in the unconference sessions because you’ll be deciding the topics on the day of the event!

Read more over at the TC Camp website — read about how an unconference event works or what past attendees have to say (and why then don’t miss it!)

We’ll be there, so if you’re within driving distance of Fairfax, VA, on Saturday, the 30th of July, come say hi!