Pictures from PTC/User 2009 Conference

This year the photographer got a lot of good pictures of the annual Arbortext Wii Party. Pictures are posted to the ptcuser Flickr stream. Party pictures start here:

Like last year, the Arbortext Wii party was a big hit. This year, doubles Wii tennis was the main attraction. Ellen Headrick (Jeppeson) and James Sulak (Jones McClure) won enough matches that were challenged by several different teams. Lots of action shots fill page 39 and 40 in the flicker stream.

Also included in the stream are two pictures (1, 2) of the Single-Sourcing Solutions keychain giveaway. There were also two pictures (1, 2) of a fully constructed version of the Lego Mindstorms NX that we gave away.  Brandon built the robot and we had it on our table as a demonstration of one thing you can build with the Lego Mindstorms Kit.  Everyone wonders what we’re giving away next year — including us!

Here are some highlights:

See you all next year!

The folks behind Single-Sourcing Solutions

June Arbortext User meeting announced

The Arbortext User group ( has announced their first meeting. It will be an online meeting via LiveMeeting. Long-time Arbortext customer, Wolters-Kluwer, has generously offered their LiveMeeting and conference bridge facilities to the group for meeting purposes. We are all grateful to them for their support.

To accommodate users all over the globe, meetings are set for the 4th Saturday of the month at 9 AM, Pacific/US.

The first meeting is a preview of the Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher (APP, formerly known as 3B2). Lawrie Stevens of GPSL, and founding member of Advent, will be showing the product as you’ve never seen it before.

Because this is a LiveMeeting, users must register for the event in advance.

Please join us all for this first meeting and participate in the user group. They’re looking for volunteers to help guide the group and it’s activities. They are also soliciting suggestions for speakers and topics for future meetings. If you have suggestions, send it to them or post in the comments. I’ve volunteered to be the Secretary for now and I’ll make sure we find speakers the community wants to see.

Watch the video

Podcast of Content Management Strategies Presentation

Thursday, 18 September 2008, I was at the Intermountain Chapter of the STC. I spoke about “Repurposing Content for Multichannel Publishing”, the presentation I gave at the Content Management Strategies conference earlier this year. Tom Johnson, one of the members, kindly taped and posted a podcast of the presentation. Accompanying slides can be found here.

My thanks to the Intermountain STC Chapter (now closed) for allowing me to come speak to them. Extra thanks to Tom for taping, editing, and preparing the podcast. We had a good discussion following the presentation. Everyone asked really strong questions and provided a lot of insight into what they were doing and the issues they were facing.