UI/UX for technical communicators is the theme for TC Summer Camp 2017

I sit on the TC Camp board and am sponsoring the Structured Authoring workshop at TC Summer Camp in DC on September 9th.

Every year, we ask what topic people want for the morning workshops. So far only one topic has been in the top of the voting for both the East Coast and the West Coast two years straight:

UI/UX for Technical Communicators

In January, I did a UI/UX post every day on our social media channels. We knew it was hot, but this is the only topic crossing regions for technical communications professionals in 2017.

So we went all out for TC Summer Camp. We talked to two UI/UX professionals.

  1. One comes to us from the University of Maryland iSchool. She’s a computer scientist and, if you were at STC Summit, you saw her on the panel in the closing keynote.
  2. The other comes to us from George Mason University. She’s a professor in the Technical Communications degree program and she’s developing an UI/UX course for techcomm students.

We think it’s going to be a great learning experience.

Tickets are on sale now. The event is on a Saturday. If you’re within driving distance, I can’t recommend it more highly. See the tccamp website to see video of past camps and reviews from attendees.

And see you in September! It’s the best learning experience on two coasts at the most economical price for those of you who want to be the “one who knows” in your departments.

Get your tickets today!

Liz Asks: Are you coming to camp?

Are you coming to TC Summer Camp? (Have you been to TC Camp?)

TC Camp, the non-profit we launched last year is expanding! The board at TC Camp is taking it to the East Coast next month: It’s TC Summer Camp!

TC Summer Camp is an unconference – the only one focused on content creators and the people who support them. It’s been going for four years in Silicon Valley, and now they’re coming East. If you’ve never been, it’s an amazingly intense and stimulating event. Get together with your peers and wrap your arms around the topics you care most about. You’re guaranteed to be interested in the unconference sessions because you’ll be deciding the topics on the day of the event!

Read more over at the TC Camp website — read about how an unconference event works or what past attendees have to say (and why then don’t miss it!)

We’ll be there, so if you’re within driving distance of Fairfax, VA, on Saturday, the 30th of July, come say hi!

TC Camp 2014 is Next Weekend

TC Camp Exclusive: See Adobe’s TCS5 in person and maybe win a subscription!

TC Camp 2014 is happening at Mission College in Santa Clara on Saturday 25 January 2014.

If you’re in the bay area, this is happening right in your own backyard, why wouldn’t you attend?  If’ you’re within driving distance, I know it may seem a bit far for you, but I know of several people who come up from Southern California to attend.  This is part of why we hold the event on a Saturday. It makes it easier for people who are in the area, or very near by, to attend.

TC Camp is an unconference for content creators, consumers, and the people who support them.

I don’t know if you’ve been to an unconference before, but they are very different from regular conferences. They are not juried. Sessions aren’t presenter-decided topics. Sessions aren’t topics that some expert thinks you should talk about. It’s much more fluid and much more audience decided. All session topics are decided by the attendees on the day of the event. Everyone nominates topics; we vote on them together; and then, those sessions with enough votes get scheduled into the agenda. You can guarantee there is always a session happening that you’re interested in.

Unconferences are all “hallway” – like the hallway conversations you have between session at regular conferences. At an Unconference, you get the chance to work with other people to really wrap your arms around a topic and figure it out as it applies directly to you.

The main unconference (afternoon) is Free. We have an expert panel to kick things off which Scott Abel is moderating.

If you’re interested, there are morning workshops that cost a modest $30. The workshops happen in the morning before the main unconference starts.

There are 6 morning workshops to choose from that will help get the creative juices flowing:

  • Structured Authoring – lessons learned from the pioneers. Tracy Baker (F5), Wendy Shaffer and Amy Bowman (VMWare) will be giving advice for people learning DITA. All three of them were early DITA adopters and learned by fire. They are passing on their lessons learned so you can benefit from their experience.
  • Analytics – learn how to apply and interpret analytics to improve your content. You have a chance to hear from analytics folks (marketing folks) about some of the secrets of SEO and using analytics, it’s a great opportunity.
  • Content Strategy – Strategy from the outside (your customer’s side). Pam Noreault (ACI Worldwide) and Chip Gettinger (SDL) are presenting about thinking strategically about xml publishing projects. It’s lessons learned, but from a manager’s perspective. Pam’s done it twice, and the second time she decided to rearchitect content from the Customer’s Perspective. This is absolutely going to be a great session.
  • Responsive Design – learn how to improve your authoring so your content looks good anywhere. Mike Hamilton, from MadCap Software, will explain and show techniques for authoring and delivering of content that responds to the user needs whether they be handheld, mobile, or full screen PC so that it not only works from a responsive design standpoint, but increases usability and customer satisfaction.
  • Content Quality – improve authoring and publishing efficiency and the experience of your users. Doug Gorman from SimplyXML is talking about how to improve authoring efficiency, publishing efficiency, re-usability, and the experience of your information consumers. His workshop is doctype and tool-independent because these lessons apply universally.
  • Adobe – all about TCS5! This will be the first public showing of TCS5! Max Hoffmann will be here to give the world premiere demo of the product that was released just last week

It’s an amazing experience – energetic, dynamic, and all about the attendees learning from each other.

If you want to see what someone from the SF STC had to say about last year, he wrote up a review here for their December Newsletter:

For more information about this year’s event, the detail page is here: http://www.tccamp.org/2013/11/tccamp-2014/

I hope that we’ll see you there!