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Last week we launched three YouTube channels to make our videos more accessible and more generally available for everyone out there. Over the next few weeks we’ll be launching the iTunes channel again: Interviews with people doing interesting things with Arbortext, XML, and Content Strategy. But that’s the next project…

For now, there are just over 30 videos available on three YouTube channels:

Every presentation, video, and podcast we do serves to bring tribal knowledge to light. Learn more about using Arbortext from real users. At Single-Sourcing Solutions, we all started as customers. We all learned from other people — customers, users, PTC and Arbortext resources.

We have found that people who learn Arbortext are premium resources to their companies. Very few Arbortext specialists are out in the wild; None have been out of work in my memory. Every new customer grows their own specialist. The learning curve is high. Not only are you learning a new product, but you’re learning how to implement it well, and make the tool work for you and your company. That takes time and resources.

To become a journeyman, an apprentice must first become a craftsman.

Consultants play a part similar to that of the journeymen of the guild systems: They often travel a lot, work at many different companies and spread new practices and knowledge between companies and corporations.

Our goal here at Single-Sourcing Solutions is to is to expand the resources available to everyone in the community. If you’re working with the product — or just want to learn about it — please join us! We do these things so that we can all achieve what we all want to do: To be masters of our craft.

Writing mobile documentation: Rewrite or cut? with Neil Perlin [On-line Event]

In this TC Dojo: Open Session…

“Writing for Mobile” had a lot of votes, so we found Neil Perlin, master of mobile, came on 3 March 2014 to share his expertise!

So you’ve just been told to create a mobile version of your product’s help system… Can we revise content written for a large screen to fit on an iPhone screen? Can we cut it? Is there a point at which the two options are effectively the same? In either case, how do we decide what to give up? Can that “lost” material be made available somewhere? In this presentation, we’ll discuss these issues and look at a real example, a very early multimedia presentation about US history in which the presenter boiled 70 pages of content down to a few dozen paragraphs and decide whether it worked

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Managing Side-By-Side Content [On-Line Event]

In the next TC Dojo: Arbortext Edition…

In this session, we’re going to talk about the Side-By-Side panel in Styler. We’ll talk about what it means, how best to use it, and how to make it work for you. We’ll show you how to make it look like you’ve got a graphic embedded in a paragraph, with text spilling around it, through the simple side-by-side mechanism. This is but one application of the side-by-side technology, but it’s a good one to get your feet wet with.

  • When: 27 February 2014
  • Audience: Intermediate
  • Cost: Free

Registration Link: