How long do you struggle before you ‘Let It Rest’?

by Liz Fraley, CEO of Single-Sourcing Solutions

Here at Single-Sourcing Solutions, we often find ourselves on the leading edge of working with new features or on the back side of working with old features to wrangle them into doing what our customers need them to do today.

Over the years, we’ve developed a policy. If you’re working on something and haven’t made any progress after 15 minutes, ask a question or stop and go do something else.  In other words, “Let it Lie.”

As it turns out, this is good advice. Scott Nesbit wrote an article in September about how letting something lie is a good practice that yields superior results. Continue reading “How long do you struggle before you ‘Let It Rest’?”

April is a big month for conferences

At last count there are 8-10 conferences in the month of April. This year, we chose STC Spectrum (Rochester, NY, 4/17-19) and STC Interchange (Lowell, MA, 4/1-2).

If you’re in the general north eastern US area or able to get there, you should come. We’ve got something special planned: If you missed the presentation we did on the Cult of DITA, we’ll be reprising it there live and in person at both of these events.  (And yes, we’ll be inducting new members and giving away the coveted buttons!)

Although both events are on the small side (~100 people), the intimacy of the event gives you a chance to really learn and really connect with the people around you. As with any local conference that partially overlaps a weekend day, the quality of attendees is very high: These are the people who are learning on their own time and are dedicated to improving their skills.

We’re looking forward to it and hope we’ll see you there!

Do you experiment?

by Liz Fraley, CEO of Single-Sourcing Solutions

Last month Tom Johnson of the I’d Rather be Writing blog interviewed me about why I started TC Camp. He wanted to know why I started something that was so obviously energy and resource intensive?

It’s true that I have a lot of things going on. Single-Sourcing Solutions is 11 years old this year. I sit on the board of 3 non-profit, community-based, educational organizations: TC Camp (4 years), the SF Bay ACM (17 years) and I just volunteered to be the Program Chair for the East Bay STC chapter. And I started the TC Dojo, the community-driven webinar series (4 years) and Mastermind groups (going on it’s 2nd).

Occasionally, I get the question: Why would you do this to yourself? The answer is simple. I thrive on two things:

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