The Best USB Headsets for Audio and Web Conferencing

If you work remotely, chances are you spend a lot of time on the phone, on web conferences, and virtual meetings. For you to be productive, the other end of the call has to be able to hear you clearly. There can’t be much in the way of background noise. You’ve got to be able to hear them. And the headset can’t be uncomfortable or you’ll be distracted to the point of missing important conversation.

When it comes to headsets, I’ve got SPECIFIC requirements

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Essential Travel Tech

hootooIf there is one piece of tech that every traveler needs, it’s the HooToo Wireless Travel Router

At about $40, the HooToo is without question the best travel tech I have. And after my experience at a conference held in Las Vegas, I’ve upgraded it from essential travel tech to traveler’s secret weapon.

This HooToo has an ethernet port, a USB port, a built-in USB drive, and a battery. It can power your devices on the fly.

How it works

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The Presenter’s Tech Travel Kit


This post details what is in my Tech Travel Kit. As a frequent presenter, I want to be prepared for any situation and I want it to be easy to execute. It’s a long post, so take your time. Links are provided for convenience to reference and identify items I actually have.

This month we start a new column on the blog: Liz’s Tech Corner. I’m starting it because, at STC Summit this year I was comparing notes with a couple of people about what was in their Tech Travel Kit.

I present fairly frequently and I started carrying around a bunch of equipment that meant I would never have a problem wherever I was presenting. We’ve all had those moments, right? Where you get ready to present and find out that the internet isn’t working. Or you forgot the Mac adapter. Or the projector is old and only displays part of your screen. You make due, but it’s frustrating, as a presenter to have problems presenting.

A few years ago, my company donated a new projector to the East Bay STC because I actually had that projector problem. I was trying out a new Android tablet, as a travel-presentation device — I thought, “Why cart a laptop around just for a presentation?” — and even though I had the right adapter with me, the projector was so old that it couldn’t handle the tablet’s resolution.

The point is that you never know what’s going to happen. After that presentation disaster I decided I wasn’t going to get caught in that situation again. I created a Tech Travel Kit. We all have a Travel Kit, but I also wanted a Tech Travel Kit that I could pick up and take with me anywhere. I wanted to always be ready.

Since that day, I haven’t had another presentation disaster. In fact, I’ve saved the day for several other presenters over the last few years because my Tech Travel Kit has the adapter that they forgot to bring.

Until I started packing my kit, I didn’t know the names of all the displays and would constantly call the Micro-HDMI a Mini-HDMI (same for USB). That’s part of why I packed my kit in the first place. I didn’t want to have people or techs out searching for what I needed at the last minute only to have them come back with the wrong thing.

Now I have a kit that matches all my devices and everything is configured for plug-and-play. There is literally almost no work and no trepidation (at least from a technology stand point) when it comes to presenting anywhere any time.

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