Interview with Kevin Dietz, Timpani Software, docbook for small teams

This week’s podcast features Kevin Dietz from Timpani Software. Timpani Software develops BuildBeat, a comprehensive automated software build management system, and MergeMagician, an automated merging server designed to work with your existing software configuration management (SCM) system.

It’s my pleasure to present Kevin Dietz so he can share his experience with dynamic publishing systems and the reasons for moving away from traditional publishing tools. Figuring out how to move from proprietary authoring tools to DocBook not only freed his content, but inspired a new product line for Timpani Software.


Interview with Chris Makler, Aplia, customization master

This week’s podcast features Chris Makler from Aplia. Aplia is part of Cengage Learning.  Chris works on a team that has built an interesting application on top of Arbortext Editor. They’re using a lot of different technology to create an educational application for teaching economics.

Customization is a tricky subject. Used intelligently, and with prudence, it can be extremely effective. Arbortext Editor has hooks available to developers to touch every part of the document and Arbortext application. Aplia is one of those cases where they’re doing it well and in pursuit of an industry application where it works. Continue reading “Interview with Chris Makler, Aplia, customization master”

Interview with Chris Western, tformat and APP World

This week’s podcast features Chris Western from tformat. tformat is a PTC partner focused on the Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher (APP) (formerly known as 3B2).  Chris was hired at Advent, the original developers of 3B2 as a writer to document the product and it’s usage. In his tenure, he not only developed the product documentation but training materials as well. Since then, he has specialized in training on APP (3B2)

APP takes such a different approach, training is critical to develop stylesheets effectively and well.  When done well, APP development can be deployed as a lights out solution for the most difficult automated publishing tasks. APP is the publishing engine you turn to when you can’t achieve what you want to do anywhere else. It’s an extremely powerful product. Continue reading “Interview with Chris Western, tformat and APP World”