Adepters – What is it and how do I find it?

Are you an Arbortext user? Have you heard the word Adepters and wonder what it means?

Adepters is the name of the original Arbortext user mailing list which was launched in 1996. At that time there the web was still new, so this mailing list quickly became the go-to resource for Arbortext customers.

Where did the name Adepters come from?

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How to find the PTC Product Calendar

The PTC Product Calendar lists all PTC products and the important dates associated with each one, including when support ends. Here’s how to find it.

Finding the product calendar, creating support tickets, and making enhancement requests are topics that come up periodically, but are fairly rare for Arbortext users.

PTC collaborates with several customer-directed product councils on product where they collaborate with customers to make sure they’re staying on top of customer needs.

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Review: Adobe Technical Communications Suite 2017, UI, UX, and Techcomm

Updated: 1 May 2015

Last month I wrote about an article by Linn Vizard that I saw on the Adobe Creative Cloud blog about the Evolution of Buttons in UX Design.  While I thoroughly enjoyed the article for personal reasons, I highlighted the article because UI and UX have become hot topics in tech comm. It’s not surprising that UI and UX are a big part of the latest release of the Adobe Technical Communications Suite.

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