What happens when you skimp on documentation?

In the TC Dojo last week we found out: Your company is at risk of debilitating lawsuits that, in the worst case, can put you out of business. Joe Devney, forensic linguist, editor, non-fiction writer, and previous STC chapter chair shared stories of companies who delivered insufficient, poorly-written documentation or who failed to provide any documentation at all.

First, he shared the foundation and statistics for potential risks of businesses who skimp on documentation. Then he told real-life stories.

Now, I’ve seen Joe speak before at a local STC chapter meeting. I always learn something new about how to produce good technical documentation. Usually that moment of enlightenment comes out of the shock of something I’ve just heard him say with regard to someone else’s content. (Something that usually triggered a major catastrophe for the company in question.)

Today was no different. Continue reading What happens when you skimp on documentation?

Interview with Gareth Oakes, GPSL

Early in 2005, Arbortext acquired Advent, the makers of 3B2 publishing software. That year at the annual AUGI conference, the greater Arbortext community got their first look at the capabilities that 3B2 brought to the publishing table. For the most part, we were stunned. A lot of the things we’d been told you couldn’t do — or rather shouldn’t do — you could with 3B2. Today, it still feels as though we only had the briefest of glimpses of what it could do. The powerful impression of capability remains even though most of us never really saw the product again.

Since that time, PTC acquired Arbortext and 3B2 was renamed Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher (APP).  As soon as we started supporting APP, we reached out to GPSL to add specialized support to our partner network.  GPSL was founded by former Advent employees. If you’ve been a part of the 3B2 community for any length of time, you certainly know GPSL. If you’ve never been an APP/3B2 user, it’s likely you’ve never run into GPSL before.

This past June, PTC released Arbortext 5.4 and it included a free technology preview of APP with Styler. Users finally get the chance to use this product they’ve wanted to touch and feel for a very long time. Continue reading Interview with Gareth Oakes, GPSL

Podcasts coming

We’re about to start republishing some podcasts, which we did a while back, here on the blog. We’ll be merging the podcast website into this blog site as well. This is just the latest step that started with us moving all the video content to our three YouTube channels. With the ever changing support for video and audio in the various browsers, it’s just become pretty difficult making sure that content is available to you–wherever you are and in whatever browser you want to use. (If you know us at all, you know that it’s all about you, not us.)

Anyway, coming up are approximately 20 interviews with long time XML and SGML professionals and people who have done interesting things with Arbortext or dynamic publishing. We hope you enjoy them. We all learn from each other and hopefully the podcasts help give you a feel for who’s out there trying different things and inspire you to new heights with your own dynamic publishing projects.