Liz’s Tech Corner: Notes From the Road

It’s conference season and that means many of us who present frequently are on the road at some point in the next few months. For me, the season starts with a 9-day trip that begins at STC Spectrum and ends at STC Conduit.

That’s nine days on the road and away from home: Four conference days as a speaker and a sponsor. Two travel days. Three days working remote in a very transient and under-equipped “office.” And, as you know, I like my travel to be E-A-S-Y. Continue reading “Liz’s Tech Corner: Notes From the Road”

Review: Adobe Technical Communications Suite 2017, UI, UX, and Techcomm

Updated: 1 May 2015

Last month I wrote about an article by Linn Vizard that I saw on the Adobe Creative Cloud blog about the Evolution of Buttons in UX Design.  While I thoroughly enjoyed the article for personal reasons, I highlighted the article because UI and UX have become hot topics in tech comm. It’s not surprising that UI and UX are a big part of the latest release of the Adobe Technical Communications Suite.

Continue reading “Review: Adobe Technical Communications Suite 2017, UI, UX, and Techcomm”

Top Authors and Books from My 2016 Reading Challenge

In 2016, I wrote 3 books and read 237. I haven’t decided whether reading that many books in one year is good or bad. There are some that I don’t really remember reading. I look at the titles or read 5-10 pages and think to myself, “it feels like I read this already…” or “did I really read this one?” I have only the record on Goodreads to tell me that I did.

Some books were great. I don’t think I could have read as many as I did if I hadn’t found books and authors that resonated. There is at least one book that I want to find (so I can share it with others) but can’t because it was the side-plot not the main plot that resonated with me. I can’t remember the main plot or the title. Regardless, I read a lot and discovered a host of skilled writers that I’d never read before.

This is the list of the best authors or books that I read 2016. If a book or author made it into this list, I either: Continue reading “Top Authors and Books from My 2016 Reading Challenge”