Conference Presentations and Publications

by Liz Fraley, Single-Sourcing Solutions

I have written a number of books, papers, and articles, have two patents, and have given a lot of presentations over the years. This is but a brief list of some of them.

You can find slides from the more popular talks on Slideshare. You can see videos from several of our web presentations on one of our YouTube channels. For synthesized event posts (slides and video) for the presentations listed below, see our events site. For articles, papers and book links, check the blog. For patent descriptions, see my LinkedIn profile.


  • Arbortext 104: Omnibus, vol 1. 2017. Single-Sourcing Solutions, Inc. for Kindle and Print (Coming 2017)
  • Arbortext 103: Best Practices for Configuring, Managing, and Publishing Arbortext Content with the PTC Server. 2016. Single-Sourcing Solutions, Inc. for Kindle and Print (Coming 2017)
  • Arbortext 102: Best Practices for Creating Arbortext Styler Stylesheets. 2016. Single-Sourcing Solutions, Inc. for Kindle and Print
  • Arbortext 101: Best Practices for Configuring, Authoring, Styling, and Publishing Content with Arbortext. 2016. Single-Sourcing Solutions, Inc. for Kindle and Print
  • Adding Custom Actions to OxygenXML Frameworks 2016. Single-Sourcing Solutions, Inc. (eBook)


  • “Changing the Default Templates in Arbortext Editor” TC Dojo (Sunnyvale CA 2017)
  • “Structured Authoring for Beginners” TC Camp (Washington DC 2017)
  • “Advance Your Career Through Self-Publishing” STC Silicon Valley (Santa Clara CA 2016), AIIP Conference (New Orleans LA 2017), STC Spectrum (Rochester 2017), STC Summit (Washington DC 2017), TC Dojo (Sunnyvale CA 2017)
  • “The Art of Personal Branding: How to Tell the ‘You’ Story and Gain New Customers” Lavacon (Las Vegas 2016), AMWA Webinar (2016), STC Twin Cities (Webinar 2016), AIIP Conference (New Orleans LA 2017), STC Spectrum (Rochester 2017), STC Summit (Washington DC 2017)
  • “Workshop: How to Attract Opportunities to You” Lavacon (Las Vegas 2016), AIIP Conference (New Orleans LA 2017), Spectrum (Rochester 2017)
  • “Adding Custom Actions to OxygenXML Frameworks” TC Dojo (Sunnyvale CA 2016)
  • “Two Tricks to Tilt the Scales in Your Favor” TC Dojo (Sunnyvale CA 2016)
  • “Summit Recap” East Bay STC (Dublin CA 2016)
  • “Summit Unsession” Panel Moderator, STC Summit (Anaheim CA 2016)
  • “Working with DITA in Arbortext Editor” TC Dojo (Sunnyvale CA 2016)
  • “TC Camp Recap” East Bay STC (Dublin CA 2016)
  • “Tracking Changes in XML Content with Arbortext” TC Dojo (Sunnyvale CA 2016)
  • ”The Never-ending Interview Story“ Leadership Day at STC Spectrum (Rochester NY 2016), STC-Twin Cities (Minneapolis MN 2016)
  • “Life with Guru D: Adopting a DITA Mindset and Converting Others” Lavacon (New Orleans LA 2015), STC Spectrum (Rochester NY 2016), STC Interchange (Boston MA 2016)
  • “Working with DITA Maps in Arbortext” TC Dojo (Sunnyvale CA 2015)
  • “Repurposing Content for Multichannel Publishing” STC San Diego (San Diego CA 2015), TC Dojo (Sunnyvale CA 2013), Lavacon (New Orleans LA 2015)
  • “How to Propose Big Projects” STC Spectrum (Rochester NY 2015)
  • “But They Have the Power” STC Spectrum (Rochester NY 2015)
  • “DITA Basics Workshop” STC Spectrum (Rochester NY 2015)
  • “How Library Science Can Improve the Life of Everyone You Know” STC Interchange (Boston MA 2015), STC Spectrum (Rochester NY 2015)
  • “Keys and Conkeys in Arbortext: How They Work” TC Dojo (Sunnyvale CA 2015)
  • “Negotiating and Contracts” STC Berkeley (Berkeley CA 2015)
  • “Influencing Change” STC Interchange (Boston MA 2015), STC Summit (Columbus OH 2015)
  • “Hot Topic Summit Sum Up” STC Summit (Columbus OH 2015)
  • “Library Science: The Baby and the Bathwater” STC Summit (Columbus OH 2015)
  • “Bringing Reusability to Your Stylesheets” TC Dojo (Sunnyvale CA 2014)
  • “Arbortext Content Manager Best Practices for Workspaces” TC Dojo (Sunnyvale CA 2014)
  • “Concepts and Techniques of Library Science (in 3 Parts)” TC Dojo (Sunnyvale CA 2014)
  • “Creating Fancy Tables in Arbortext Styler” TC Dojo (Sunnyvale CA 2014)
  • “Localizing Your Stylesheets: XLIFF in Arbortext Styler” TC Dojo (Sunnyvale CA 2014)
  • “A Very Brief Introduction to HTML5” TC Dojo (Sunnyvale CA 2014)
  • “Advanced Modules: Managing DITA and Docbook Stylesheets in One” TC Dojo (Sunnyvale CA 2014)
  • “Managing side-by-side content” TC Dojo (Sunnyvale CA 2014)
  • “Arbortext: So Easy A Child Can Do It” TC Dojo (Sunnyvale CA 2014)
  • “To DITA or Not To DITA” TC Dojo (Sunnyvale CA 2014)
  • “How Do I Pick The Right Tool For Me?” Lavacon (Portland OR 2014), CMS/DITA North America (Chicago IL 2015), TC Dojo (Sunnyvale CA 2015), (Anaheim CA 2016), AMWA (Denver CO 2016)
  • “Early Adopters of Dynamic Information Delivery: Where Are They Now?” Lavacon (Portland OR 2014)
  • “The Power of Single Sourcing” Lavacon (Portland OR 2014)
  • “Rationalizing the Business of ROI of Technical Communication – A Profit Center or a Cost Center (Panelist)” Lavacon (Portland OR 2014)
  • “Designing Content for Dynamic Output to Social Media” STC Technical Editing SIG (Webinar 2014)
  • “The XPath to XSL Style: A Primer” STC Summit (Phoenix AZ 2014)
  • “Concepts and Techniques of Library Science” CMS/DITA North America (Seattle WA 2014), TC Dojo (Sunnyvale CA 2015)
  • “Stylesheet Reuse Basics: Property Sets” TC Dojo (Sunnyvale CA 2013)
  • “Styling Headers and Footers in Arbortext Styler” TC Dojo (Sunnyvale CA 2013)
  • “Creating Cool Covers in Arbortext Styler” TC Dojo (Sunnyvale CA 2013)
  • “Creating Your Page Set in 30 Minutes” TC Dojo (Sunnyvale CA 2013)
  • “Arbortext Styler for Beginners” TC Dojo (Sunnyvale CA 2013)
  • “Building Your First Stylesheet A look at modules” TC Dojo (Sunnyvale CA 2013)
  • “Discovering the Hidden Treasure of Dynamic Product Information” TC Dojo (Sunnyvale CA 2013)
  • “You Don’t Have to Build Software to do DITA” CMS/DITA North America (Providence RI 2013), Lavacon (Portland OR 2013), AMWA (Denver CO 2016)
  • “Why Go to XML?” TC Dojo (Sunnyvale CA 2013)
  • “What’s In It For Me?” Lavacon (Portland OR 2012), East Bay STC (Dublin CA 2013), STC Summit (Phoenix AZ 2014), Society of Women Engineers Regional Conference (Davis CA 2014), TC Dojo (Sunnyvale CA 2013)
  • “Designing Content for Dynamic Output to Social Media” Lavacon (Austin TX 2011)
  • “Transforming Strategies to Component Content Management” Lavacon (Austin TX 2011)
  • “Arbortext Content Manager – Putting the pieces together” Arbortext Monster Garage (Sunnyvale CA 2011)
  • “Creating Dynamic Documents with Data Merge” Arbortext Monster Garage (Sunnyvale CA 2011)
  • “From Corporate to Entrepreneur” Silicon Valley Code Camp (Los Altos CA 2011)
  • “What’s New in Arbortext 6.0” East Bay STC (Dublin CA 2011), Silicon Valley DITA Users Group (San Jose CA 2011)
  • “Transform your content strategy for today’s media and beyond” Planet PTC/PTC Live (Las Vegas NV 2011)
  • “Lightning Talk: Don’t Sell Yourself Short” STC Summit (Sacramento CA 2011)
  • “Creating Stylesheets for XML Documents” Arbortext User Group (Sunnyvale CA 2011)
  • “Documentation as Advanced as Your Products” Planet PTC (Boston MA 2010)
  • “Finding the Hidden Treasure in your Dynamic Product Information” Lavacon (San Diego CA 2010)
  • “Taking a Transformative Approach to Content Strategy” Gilbane (Boston MA 2010)
  • “Single Source of Truth: Component Content Management” Gilbane (Boston MA 2010)
  • “Evangelizing Automated Publishing in your Organization” PTC/User (Long Beach CA 2010)
  • “Where Are They Now?” CMS/DITA North America (Santa Clara CA 2010), University of Huntsville STC (Huntsville AL 2013), TC Dojo (Sunnyvale CA 2013), SWE Regional Conference (Davis CA 2014), STC Nevada (Las Vegas NV 2014)
  • “Arbortext User-to-User Panel” PTC/User (Orlando FL 2009)
  • “XSLT and XPath Basics” PTC/User (Orlando FL 2009)
  • “From FrameMaker to FrameMaker Groing a DITA-Capable Department” CM Strategies/DITA North America (St Petersburg FL 2009)
  • “Content Reduction and Reuse in a Multichannel Publishing Environment” PTC/User (Tampa FL 2007), CM Strategies/DITA North America (Santa Clara CA 2008), East Bay STC (Dublin CA 2009)
  • “Panelist and Moderator, DITA Question and Answer Session” CM Strategies/DITA North America (Boston MA 2007)
  • “Why S1000D?” [Customer] Corporate Working Group (Washington DC 2006)
  • “Challenges of S1000D Legacy Conversion” [Customer] Corporate Conference (Sunnyvale CA 2006)
  • “S1000D Impact Report” [Customer] Corporate Conference (Sunnyvale CA 2006)
  • “Potential Impacts of S1000D on Our Current Toolset” [Customer] Corporate Working Group (Sunnyvale CA 2006)
  • “Issues with Documentation Systems and Their Solutions” [Customer] Corporate Working Group (Sunnyvale CA 2006)
  • “Technical Publications Today” [Customer] Corporate Working Group (Sunnyvale CA 2005)
  • “Exploring the challenge of Configuring DITA PDF Output” [Customer] Corporate Conference (San Jose CA 2005)
  • “Financial Rewards in Reuse (Why Companies Move to Single Sourcing)” STC Silicon Valley (Cupertino CA 2005)
  • “Where Source Development Meets Documentation” CM Strategies/DITA North America (Annapolis MD 2005), AUGI (Orlando FL 2005)
  • “Successful Single Sourcing” Silicon Valley STC (Cupertino CA 2003)
  • “Beyond Theory: Making Single-Sourcing Actually Work” ACM SIGDOC (San Francisco CA 2003)
  • “Branched Libraries and Rapid Release Single-Source Environment Implementation” AUGI (San Antonio TX 2003)


  • “Beyond Theory: Making Single-Sourcing Actually Work”. 2003. ACM SIGDOC Conference Proceedings.


  • “Digital multimedia contact center with tier escalation and deescalation in response to changed criteria” (#7,254,641) August 2007
  • “Digital Multimedia Contact Center” (#8,745,576) June 2014

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