Arbortext 5.3 M220 released

This release affects all 5.3 releases from 5.3 F000 through 5.3 M210

Generally, we’ll post the list of SPRs and enhancements added to a product release. However, this release affects all 5.3 releases from 5.3 F000 through 5.3 M210. As a result, the release notes document is 208 pages. If you want details, we highly recommend you log in to the support site and read the release notes (login required).

Point releases are free to all customers on active maintenance.

This is the last scheduled maintenance release of 5.3.

Individual SPR Counts

M210 (4), M200 (6), M190 (6), M180 (10), M170 (7), M160 (21), M150 (9), M140 (33), M130 (35), M120 (17), M110 (38), M100 (24), M90 (24), M80 (23), M70 (42), M60 (33), M50 (65), M40 (59), M30 (53), M20 (23), M10 (281!), New features added to F000.
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Arbortext Content Manager Patch (SUP3) Available

Security Update Patch (SUP3) Available for Arbortext Content Manager and Windchill products

PTC has addressed several newly identified security vulnerabilities for supported versions of Arbortext Content Manger (aka Windchill).  These vulnerabilities affect all current maintenance releases of all Windchill Solution Products including:

  • Arbortext PDMLink
  • Windchill ProjectLink
  • FlexPLM
  • Arbortext Content Manager

Best practices say to always install security patches promptly. For details, please visit Windchill Security Update page to download the appropriate patch.  Please contact PTC Technical Support with any questions.