Interview with Michael Hahn, XML and SGML expert

Michael Hahn is the principal at Alphabetical by Author. He has almost twenty years’ experience with markup language (SGML and XML) development and implementation. He has managed analysis session meetings and prepared reports for a wide variety of information types for manufacturers, scientific and professional organizations, commercial publishers, defense contractors, and education-related organizations.

He’s familiar with authoring tools including Adobe Framemaker, Arbortext, Oxygen, and XMetal; and has worked with industry and international standards including DITA, DocBook, S1000D, and ATA and MIL specifications. In addition to his consulting, Michael has spent time at companies of different sizes and in different industries, including time at a content management solution vendor, a hallmark SGML/XML consulting company, and an XML company that did foundational/seminal work. Continue reading “Interview with Michael Hahn, XML and SGML expert”