Poll: Have you built custom Arbortext tools?

Arbortext is a very open platform. Have you built something using the Arbortext programming hooks?

Arbortext is a very open platform. There are hooks via AOM and ACL to nearly every component and part of the publishing pipeline. The Arbortext Monster Garage from Single-Sourcing Solutions is all about the enormous number of ways that you can wrench, mold, and repaint your Arbortext world.

We want to know: Have you built something using the Arbortext programming hooks?

Tell your story in the comments or send us an email. We’re always looking for shop coaches!

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Monster Garage off to a roaring start

Watch the Video for Arbortext Monster Garage, “Pop the Hood – Get Started with Arbortext Editor in 20 Minutes”

Last Friday we held the first session of the Arbortext Monster Garage. Lynn Hales, long time Arbortext community member, user, ACL developer, FOSI expert, and trainer, did a fantastic job explaining the basics of how XML editors work generally, and how Arbortext works in particular.  He did a little tour of the product UI and answered some questions the audience posed. It was a great foundation for the series.

Here’s what one of  the attendees had to say:

  • @TsarSPb Friday 14 Jan 2011, 10:55 AM PT”@SingleSourcing Great start with the series! Thanks to Lynn for this intro webinar. Looking forward to the following sessions.”

Lynn will return as a Shop Coach again, later in the series: He’s scheduled for one or two more sessions coming up.

In the meantime, catch the video from this session on YouTube.