Arbortext Version 7.0 Released

Summary of SPR Fixes in Arbortext 7.0 F000 release

Arbortext 7.0 was released last week. We saw a preview of what was coming last month and have been eagerly awaiting the release. There’s some big improvements with this release and some special treats for the early adopters.

What’s in the release? Support for DITA 1.3. A new JavaScript IDE for APP source in both Styler and APP. And a host of other features, including one that our customers requested!

7.0 will require new license generation, but 7.0 licenses are backwards compatible and will support older releases at the same time.  If you have an active maintenance contract, you can download Arbortext 7.0 at no additional cost from the PTC website.

We’re testing 7.0 for our customers right now and we’ll be talking about what we find in the Mastermind session in October. Come to the Mastermind if you want a look at 7.0 before you start testing your environment and getting ready to upgrade.  If you need any help testing your customizations or stylesheets, we can help! Join the Arbortext Mastermind or contact us at

For now, this post will take you through the highlights of the release. Details on each feature and specific bug fixes contained in the release can be found in the release notes on the PTC website.

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DITA 1.3 available with Arbortext 7.0 release

Support for DITA 1.3 now available in Arbortext 7.0 — no plugins or additional modules required

Arbortext 7.0 includes support for DITA 1.3 — no plugins or additional modules required.

With the release of Arbortext 7.0, all DITA 1.x documents are supported by the Arbortext suite of products. Arbortext has had support for DITA since 2004, when it was originally being designed by IBM.

Although DITA 1.3 Draft Specification went out for Public Commentary in July and has not yet been finalized, vendors like PTC/Arbortext, who participate on the OASIS DITA Technical Committee, have already updated Arbortext to support the changes to DITA as outlined in the latest draft DITA 1.3 specification.

So, what’s in DITA 1.3 that you might want?

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