What happens when you skimp on documentation?

In the TC Dojo last week we found out: Your company is at risk of debilitating lawsuits that, in the worst case, can put you out of business. Joe Devney, forensic linguist, editor, non-fiction writer, and previous STC chapter chair shared stories of companies who delivered insufficient, poorly-written documentation or who failed to provide any documentation at all.

First, he shared the foundation and statistics for potential risks of businesses who skimp on documentation. Then he told real-life stories.

Now, I’ve seen Joe speak before at a local STC chapter meeting. I always learn something new about how to produce good technical documentation. Usually that moment of enlightenment comes out of the shock of something I’ve just heard him say with regard to someone else’s content. (Something that usually triggered a major catastrophe for the company in question.)

Today was no different. Continue reading “What happens when you skimp on documentation?”