Interview with Berry Braster, Etteplan

This week’s podcast is an interview with Berry Braster from Tedopres. If you’ve been a part of the Arbortext community for any length of time, you’ve seen Berry and you know about The Book.

When I say “The Book” and “Tedopress” in the same breath, everyone knows which book I mean. Tedopress is well known for giving away the book that defines best practices for writing for international audiences, for preparing your content for translation.  The  name of the book is “The New Language in International Business, Simplified English” and you can request your free copy here [Ed: The book is no longer available, 2016-12].

Year after year, I always looked forward to seeing Berry. I’ve had The Book for as long as I can remember. It was one of the first references I got when I was learning. Continue reading “Interview with Berry Braster, Etteplan”

Webinar: Move your training deliverables to a dynamic and single-source solution!

Pushpinder Toor, a Product Manager at PTC, discusses how PTC builds, manages and delivers their own training quickly and efficiently

In case you missed the presentation at PTC/User 2010 (#ptcuser2010) or Content Management Strategies/DITA North America 2010 (#CMSDITANA2010), here’s your chance to see a great presentation by someone deep in the thick of it.

Pushpinder Toor, a Product Manager at PTC, is responsible for the design and development of PTC University’s new Arbortext Training Solution. This solution is a melding of PTC technologies, best practices and industry standards. The resulting solution helps PTC customers build, manage and deliver their own training quickly and efficiently. Pushpinder has been a part of PTC (and previously Arbortext Inc.) for 11 years, in that time she’s worked in a number of roles such as a Course Trainer, Curriculum Developer and Project Manager.

Join us as Pushpinder describes how they leverage their content to provide world-class training materials. Discover how the implementation of a Reusable Content Strategy. Arbortext and Windchill technology can help you build training content that allows for:

  • Innovative learning methodology — Role based, tailored to the individual needs, and measurable.
  • Global Coverage — When you want it, where you need it, in the language you prefer
  • Flexibility — Continuous blended material

Join Single-Sourcing Solutions and PTC for this one hour FREE websession.

We will show you how to develop a solution that can deliver faster, high-quality, standards-compliant training and eLearning.

Find the registration link here: (UPDATE: also register to see the recording.)

Tweet Roundup: CMS/DITA NA 2010

Copy of the Live-Tweet stream during the CMS/DITA NA 2010 conference

I volunteered to work for the social media committee of the CA Chapter of ASAP. While we were talking, I thought about how I’d live-tweeted the CMS DITA NA conference this year. Before the tweets disappear from the ether, I’ve gathered gathered them up and organized them for your ease and reading pleasure. (In reverse order of presentation…)

For tweets related to the following presentations read on…

  • “Creating and fostering high-value customer relationships” Shawn Benham and Janet Ikemiya, IBM
  • “Localization – Product Information without Borders” presented by Pushpinder Toor, PTC
  • “The Path To Efficient DITA Translation” presented by Elliot Nedas
  • “Digital Alchemy: Turning Unstructured Content Into Gold (or at least something useful)” presented by Don Bridges
  • “Reviewing & Approving  DITA Content aka Quality Control at the Lego Factory” presented by S.Frederiksen
  • “Product Demo: Acrolinx”
  • “Product Demo: PTC”
  • “We wanted a CMS. We were given SharePoint: Turning disappointment into opportunity” presented by Joe Gelb, Suite Solutions and John Allwein, Emerson Process Management
  • “How effective use of metadata and the Resource Description Framework (RDF) can be an answer to your DITA nightmares” presented by Frank Shipley
  • “Planning for the Content Management Technology Diffusion Process” presented by Rebekka Andersen
  • “Where Are They Now?” presented by Liz Fraley, Single-Sourcing Solutions
  • “Advanced Feature-Based Profiling” presented by Gershon L Joseph, Cisco
  • “If Only We Had Known: Snares and Pitfalls of Managing in a DITA Environment” presented by Catherine Lyman and Martha Morgan, NetApp
  • “Collaborative Writing: Changing the culture of a documentation group” presented by Nola Hague and Tom Bondur, Actuate
  • “Improving Content Collaboration Using Content Management” presented by Presented by: Charlotte Robidoux, HP, and Suzanne Mescan, Vasont

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